A lot of patients rely on contact lenses as the primary source of their vision correction. Many new patients may be anxious about getting fitted for the proper contact lenses. At Tran Vision Center in Laredo, TX, we are a professional optometrist team that provides the appropriate education and support to fit patients with the right lenses.

The Process of Contact Lens Fitting

A contact lens fitting will generally begin with a diagnostic set for a specified trial period. We will complete a comprehensive eye exam to help match you with the right pair of contacts. The trial period is used to determine if you are comfortable and like the pair of contacts you were fitted with. We will also check to ensure that the contacts are the appropriate choice for the health of your eyes. Using this process, we can write a final prescription.

Once you have been fitted with the proper contacts, we will train you to use them. Using contacts for the first time can be a little intimidating. After some practice, you’ll soon be an expert at inserting and removing them. We can inform you of the dos and don’ts of contact usage. Our optometry team will help you avoid a lot of frustration and learn to love your new pair of contacts.

Types of Contacts

There are many different types of lenses, depending on your eye condition. Some of them include disposable, scleral, and ortho-k lenses. Our eye doctors will assess your condition and help you get fitted with the right type of lenses. A proper fitting is also beneficial if you have tried contact lenses in the past without success.

Risks with Contact Lenses

There is little risk of any complications from contact lenses, but many patients always want to know. One primary risk is eye infections. However, we will explain the proper handling of contacts to ensure you do not develop any complications. Our staff is available for any questions you might have about getting fitted with the appropriate lenses.

Contact Tran Vision Center in Laredo for Contact Lens Fitting

Our professional staff at Tran Vision Center is here to help fit you with the right pair of contacts. Contact our office in Laredo to book your eye exam and get fitted with your new pair of contacts today.