If you are looking for vision correction, your eye doctor may recommend contact lenses. Contacts may have a reputation for being uncomfortable or unsafe, but this is not necessarily true. In fact, contacts can be very safe and easy to wear. At Tran Vision Center we offer vision correction and a variety of eye care services, including contact lens fittings. If you are looking for contact lenses in Laredo, we are here to help you every step of the way.

What Happens During a Contact Lens Appointment?

A comprehensive eye exam may be part of the initial appointment. This exam is important because it can help identify potential health issues that could impact your ability to wear the lenses safely. The eye doctor will also look for potential signs that your eyes will not take to disposable lenses, like dry eye syndrome. Your optometrist will look at the size of your eyes to ensure the lenses you receive are the best option for your eyes.

You will be given a set of contact lenses that are part of your trial fitting. Next, you will learn how to put the contact lenses in and take them out safely. You are generally not allowed to leave with the lenses until you demonstrate that you can safely remove and put in the lenses on your own.

If the contact lenses are a good fit, your eye doctor will write a prescription. Most often, prescriptions are good for one year. You can order new contacts from our eye doctor or a business that offers contact lenses. The brand you wear will make a huge difference in the way your eyes feel.

Types of Contact Lenses

Different types of contact lenses can help you see comfortably. While most people benefit from disposable lenses, others will choose to use scleral lenses or ortho-k lenses that can be worn at different times of the day. Wearing certain types of lenses can help you avoid complications and risks associated with some types of contact lenses.

Schedule Your Contact Lens Appointment with Our Optometrists

Are you ready to try wearing contact lenses for the first time? Would you like to see clearly without the hassle of eyeglasses? Wearing contact lenses can be comfortable with the right type and with a little help from our eye doctors at Tran Vision Center in Laredo. Call our team today at [dn-phone] or reach us through our website by using our online contact form.