Caring for your eyes is important, and there are many ways that you can do this. Going to an eye doctor on our team once a year for your eye exam is one way. Another way is to wear sunglasses anytime that you are outdoors during the day. You can get just the glasses you need when you visit an eye Dr on our team and get lenses with the coatings you want and the prescription you need. When it’s time for you to get your sunglasses, call us at Tran Vision Center in Laredo, TX, to make an appointment with an eye doctor on our team.


There are a number of helpful coatings that sunglasses can come with in order to protect your vision outside. Sunglasses virtually all come with a UV-blocking coating that keeps UV rays from getting through the lenses. This may block 99% or 100% of the UV rays that reach the lenses. This is an important way to protect your eyes because it keeps this form of radiation from reaching them. UV rays can cause the eyes to become sunburned, and it can cause problems like cataracts or make them worse. Everyone outside in the sun during the day should have this protection to keep their eyes as healthy as possible.

Sunglasses can also come with a polarization coating. This is one that keeps the rays of the sun that bounce off smooth objects from hitting your eye and temporarily blinding you. Some people drive with polarized glasses because it cuts the glare that so often bounces off the other vehicles. In the bright Texas sun, it’s a good idea to have this eye protection when you are doing activities like driving, fishing, golfing, etc.

Choosing the Best Sunglasses

When you are picking out your sunglasses, it’s important to try a few to see how dark you want them. They should be dark enough to cut the brightness of the sun without damaging your ability to see well. You should also take into account the shape and color of the frames. Make sure that they both go well with your face and hair and that they won’t stand out too much. The shape of the frames can be used to add to the harmony of your face, and the color should go well with your own coloring. Try on a few colors and styles and see which look best with your unique face, hair, and coloring.

See the Eye Dr

If you don’t have the glasses you need to protect your eyes, it’s time to see the eye doctor to get the right pair for you. Call our office in Laredo, TX, at (956) 791-5967 for Tran Vision Center to get your eye exam and to choose your perfect pair.