If your vision is blurry, you likely know that you need to arrange an eye exam. After that, the procedure seems fuzzy. Glasses are easy, and the difficult part may be choosing frames. Our eye doctor can explain the whole process at Tran Vision Center in Laredo, TX. Read below to discover how our clinic can assist you.

What to Expect during a New Exam?

The obvious starting point is getting a new eye exam if you still need to do so. Even if you just had an exam a few months ago, any change in your vision that makes you concerned is a sign to get another exam. You’ll be tested for medical issues and tested on which types of lenses would make your vision seem clearer.

What Frames Are the Most Flattering?

Once the exam is done, our optometrist can prescribe it for you. Now’s the time to look at all the frames. If your eyes dilated during the exam, you should wait, but try to look at the frames to start the process and get your glasses sooner rather than later. Start trying out frames without worrying about cost, and you want to see which shapes and colors work best with your face. Then you can narrow down choices to those in your price range. Remember that if you have vision insurance, you’ll have a good chunk of the frame price paid for. Once you’ve chosen frames, our optician will walk you through selecting coatings and lens materials.

Is it Possible to Get Sunglasses?

You’ll want to check out the sunglasses offerings. Sometimes the regular frames have a clip-on sunglasses layer or are attached with magnets. You can also buy separate structures meant to be sunglasses on their own. Speak with the optician about the different shades available so you know whether you want lighter or darker lens coatings.

Where Do I Get My Glasses Fitted?

When the eyeglasses are ready, you’ll return to the office for a final fitting. Then, finally, you’ll try the glasses on, and the optician will adjust them so the frames don’t fall off your face.

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