The size of your frames matters in more than one way. If you are nearsighted, you should consider frames that are a little larger to improve your overall field of vision. If you’re farsighted, you can usually get away with something smaller. Size also matters when it comes to how they will look on your face. Too-small frames can make you look a little bug-eyed. Too-big frames can tune out the rest of your face.

Contrasting Shapes

You probably know that there is a wide range of eyeglass shapes available, which is one thing that makes the process so intimidating. While you can pick any shape you want, experts and the fashion world agree that you should find a shape that is in contrast to your face shape. For example:

  • Rectangular frames go well with round face shapes
  • Butterfly frames look good on oval faces
  • Oval frames pair well with square-shaped faces
  • Rounded-edge tall frames look good on narrow faces
  • Rimless glasses pair best with heart-shaped faces

Color Options

Choosing your eyeglasses frame color is about as challenging as choosing the shape. However, with a few tips, you can choose the best color for you.

  • Don’t choose your color based on current trends. We all know that trends come and go, so you don’t want to pick a color that will be out of style next week.
  • Choose a color that complements your skin tone and hair color.
  • Consider the colors that you like and that will complement the majority of your wardrobe. Neutral and muted tones are more versatile, so try to stick with those.

Lifestyle Factors

It’s important to consider the type of lifestyle you lead. If you live an active lifestyle, for instance, you will need a more durable pair of frames. If you need help deciding the best frames for your lifestyle, your optometrist can provide some recommendations.


Above all, you need your eyeglasses to fit you comfortably and stay in place. When you choose frames that you like, try them on. Move around in them. Pull them up and down. Make sure they feel good on your face and nose. Your eye doctor can also take a look to ensure the best fit.

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